Consortium – SamSIFL

Aims and activities of the organisation

Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages was founded on November 8, 1994.  Since that time on SamSIFL has been doing its outmost in improving the language instruction and achieved certain success in preparing the qualified specialists in this sphere. Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages is known as one of the leading language teaching institutions in preparing specialists in many foreign languages. Our Institute became one of the exemplary institutions, which successfully promotes foreign language specialists not only in Samarkand, but also throughout Central Asia.  Read more


The Institute has signed about 50 Agreements on scientific and scientific - technical cooperation with higher educational establishments, international organizations and scientific centers of foreign countries of the world. Within the framework of mutual cooperation agreement with the universities programs the scientific-research works are realized; their results are published in the joint scientific editorials. Cooperation with universities of Russian Federation, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, China, Egypt, UK, USA, and Kazakhstan is developing actively.

Philology, Foreign languages - namely, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and the direction of the translation theory and practice were determined as the basic trends in educational curriculum.  Besides the above mentioned foreign languages, students have a right to choose English, German, French, Arabic, Persian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Spanish languages as a second language.

Currently, there are more than 2000 BA students including 10 foreign students, 200 MA students studying at the institute. 14 Doctors of sciences, professors, 58 PhD degree holders, 33 senior teachers 192 teachers, as well as over 14 foreign specialists currently teach at the institute.

The role of SamSIFL in the CLASS project

  • Developing action plan
  • Task distribution among the local project team
  • Purchasing equipment for administrative and teaching issues
  • Teaching and instructing CA academic staff in syntactic, morphological and semantic structure of the English language
  • 5 academic staff participation in training on teaching CL with blended learning technology
  • 5 academic staff participation in training on development methodologies for NLP tools
  • Developing and approving curriculum of master program
  • Developing syllabuses and content materials of the course distributed equally among the Uzbek partners
  • Developing NLP tools
  • Developing Open online courses
  • Organizing student enrollment procedure
  • Creating video rollers
  • Developing e‐books and methodological books on CL distributed equally among the Uzbek partners
  • Reporting to SC and administrative managers
  • Organizing conference in last semester meeting
  • Introducing developed master program to other HEIs

Operational capacity: Skills and expertise of key staff involved in the project


Otabek Yusupov

SamSIFL Team Coordinator

He has very good organisational skills and a strong leadership character gained through professional experience working at the International Office of SamSIFL. He has been actively participating in Tempus, Erasmus+, Erasmus Mundus and other projects. Read more

He can conquer job challenges by thinking critically and creatively and maintain and develop the International relations of the Institute. He organizes international conferences, language and cultural workshops, establishes cooperation with foreign educational institutions, international organizations and Embassies. He has published several articles devoted to teaching foreign languages, importance of online technologies in teaching and Tempus and Erasmus+ projects.

Anvar Nizamov

Project Member

Experience in project management, participation in international education and scientific projects (Erasmus+ IMEP, Erasmus+ ICM), publications devoted to quality of education, Director of English training centre where the training programs can be piloted. Lecturer on Mathematic linguistics for BA students at SamSIFL.

Akram Shermatov

Project Member

Zafarjon Ashurov

Project Member

Head of Information Technologies Department of SamSIFL. Experience in Tempus DeTEL “Developing the Teaching of European Languages: Modernizing Language Teaching through the development of blended Masters Programs” Read more

as responsible working member of technical staff and creating institutional and project web-sites and MOODLE system. (www.samdchti.uz, http://tempus.samdchti.uz, http://moodle.samdchti.uz). Lecturer on Mathematic linguistics for BA students at SamSIFL. Publications deals with implementation and impact of ICT in teaching.