Consortium – NUUz

Aims and activities of the organisation

National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek was established in 1918. It is the ancient and “mother university” of many universities in Central Asia. Nowadays there are 1180 professors and teachers working at 13 faculties of the university, among them 21 academicians, 200 doctor-professors, 550 staff with Ph.D. title.  The university staff is constantly encouraged and directed to improve their instruction approaches, teaching skills and methodology, scientific researches and cultural-moral affairs. More than 10.000 students study in 45 study areas of bachelor’s degree programs, more than 100 specialties of master`s degree. Read more

NUUz has a special position among Uzbek universities, as it has always been the leader in creating State Educational Standards for universities, model of study plans, programs and adopting them in other universities in Uzbekistan. University is supporting fundamental researches according to international standards, building partnership with foreign prestigious educational centers and universities. For example, in recent years educational partnership contracts were signed with following countries: Japan, Austria, Greece, China, Poland, South Korea, Germany, Chech Republic, Russia, the Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Israel, England, Malaysia, Sweden, India, Italy, Kazakhstan.NUUzis as one of the project partners successfully carried out TEMPUS projects like CANDI, UNIQTOOL, GE-UZ, UZWATER, PROMISand etc.

The role of NUUz in the CLASS project

  • Developing action plan
  • Task distribution among the local project team
  • Purchasing equipment for administrative and teaching issues
  • Teaching and instructing CA academic staff in syntactic, morphological and semantic structure of the English language
  • Analyzes the content of international master programs on Computational Linguistics
  • 5 academic staff participation in training on teaching CL with blended learning technology
  • 5 academic staff participation in training on development methodologies for NLP tools
  • Developing and approving curriculum of master program
  • Developing syllabuses and content materials of the course distributed equally among the Uzbek partners
  • Developing NLP tools
  • Developing Open online courses
  • Establishing dissemination plan and defining sustainability in Uzbekistan
  • Organizing student enrollment procedure
  • Creating video rollers
  • Developing e‐books and methodological books on CL distributed equally among the Uzbek partners
  • Managing the dissemination activities in Uzbekistan
  • Reporting to SC and administrative managers
  • Organizing and hosting the semester meeting
  • Introducing developed master program to other HEIs

Operational capacity: Skills and expertise of key staff involved in the project


Mersaid Aripov

NUUz Team Coordinator

  • 1956-1961   Student of the Tashkent State University, Mech-math.faculty;
  • 1963-1968   Post-graduate student of the Computer Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science (Academgorodok, Novosibirsk);
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  • 1968-1971   Head of the group of the Computer Center of the National University of Uzbekistan (NUU);
  • 1971-1986   Director of the Computer Center of the NUU
  • 1978-2013. Head of the Department of Informatics & Applied Programming;
  • 1990 - Honored scientist of Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • 1991-1993. Vice-rector of the NUU;
  • 1990-1995. The member of the Tashkent City Parlament;
  • Membership: American Mathematical Society, European Mathematical Society, Germany Applied Mathematics and Mechanics Society, ISAAC
  • 2012 Certificate of attendance and participation in the workshop on the e-Learning under project “Teaching Competency and Infrastructure for E-Learning and Retraining“
  • 2013 Certificate of attendance and participation in the workshop "University teaching in a connected world via E-Learning"

Bakhrom Omirov 

Project Member

Leading Scientific Fellow Institute of Mathematics, National University of Uzbekistan. In 2006 he defended his Doctor of Sciences in physics and mathematics, Uzbekistan. Read more

From 2012 until now he works as a Leading Scientific Fellow at the Institute of Mathematics, National University of Uzbekistan. From 2014 until now he also worked as a Associate Professor, Department of Algebra and Analysis, National University of Uzbekistan. He has an experience on Mathematical Linguistics and gives lectures on it.


  • NANUM Grant for participation of International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) 2014, Seoul, South Korea, 12.08.2014 - 19.08.2014;
  • The Supreme Attestation Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan award with Diploma of the scientific title Professor of Algebra, 31.10.2013;
  • Grant No.0251/GF3 of Education and Science Ministry of Republic of Kazakhstan for 2013-2014 years;
  • Grant of the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS) for purchase of equipment, No.:11-018RG/MATHS/AS_I-UNESCO FR:3240262715, 2012;

He published more than 100 published papers in the periodic Journals. 

San. Matlatipov

Project Member

Dilshop Abdullaev

Project Member