Consortium – KSU

Aims and activities of the organisation

Baitursynov Kostanay State University (ABKSU) is one of the largest higher educational establishments of Kazakhstan and the leading educational scientific and methodological centre of the Northern part of the country. Strategic aim of A.Baitursynov KSU development is to form unified scientific and educational space of northern region of Kazakhstan that provides its dynamic, continuous and stable social and economic development A.Baitursynov KSU comprises 7 Faculties with 34 Bachelor, 21 Master and 7 PhD programmes. The Foreign Philology department provides education in Foreign Philology (BA, MA) and Translation Studies (BA). The Linguistics Laboratory of the Faculty hosts linguistic and language teaching methodology research conducts associated research and acts as a platform for dissemination of research results. Read more

The Information Technologies Faculty includes 4 Departments (Informatics; Mathematics; Information Systems;  Software) and provides education  in 4 undergraduate (Mathematics, Informatics,  Information systems ; Computer engineering and software) and 2 graduate programmes (Computer engineering and software; Informatics). The Faculty is equipped with the laboratory of computer systems architecture, the laboratory of hardware interfaces and telecommunications, the laboratory of information systems", which have high-tech software for learning practical skills, carrying out scientific research. The department of Informatics has been involved in Computational Linguistics research since 2010.

The research results are reflected in the 3 master's thesis, 2 diploma works of students, 12 publications, including 3 in Scopus journals. Since 2013 the Informatics Department has been involved in the research project "Social service innovation "Audioserver" for people with hearing impairment", the website was created  www.surdo.kz and program Daktil.kz. The project development was attended sign language interpreters, linguists, programmers. The department is launch computational linguistics master programme.

The role of KSU in the CLASS project

  • Developing an action plan in six month
  • Task distribution among the local project team
  • Purchasing equipment for administrative and teaching issues in Kazakhstan
  • Developing and approving the curriculum of master program
  • Teaching and instructing CA academic staff in syntactic, morphological and semantic structure of the English language
  • 5 academic staff participation in training on teaching CL with blended learning technology
  • 5 academic staff participation in training on development methodologies for NLP tools
  • Developing syllabuses and content materials of the course distributed equally among the Kazakh partners
  • Developing Open online courses
  • Developing NLP tools
  • Creating video rollers
  • Developing sharing materials, e‐books and methodological books on CL distributed equally among the Kazakh partners
  • Reporting to SC
  • Regional administrative project management
  • Introducing developed master program to other HEIs
  • Organizing student enrollment procedure

Operational capacity: Skills and expertise of key staff involved in the project


Yelena Kandalina

KSU Team Coordinator

Head of International Relations Office. Lecturer at the Department of Foreign Philology. Coordination of international collaboration of the university; international projects management, development of international collaboration with universities; facilitation of international programs participation; Read more

development of international academic mobility. Coordination of JEP-511172-DE-2010 CIBELES project within KSU and CA partners; Coordination of 544132- TEMPUS – 1-2013-FR-Tempus-JPCR TradPro in KZ; Coordination of 561574-EPP-1-2015-1-ES-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP at the University. Syllabi development, teaching:  in Language Teaching Methodology (BA,MA), Sociolinguistics;  Text Interpretation and Analysis, English for Academic Purposes.


Fedor Maiyer

Project Member

Coordination of activities of all structural units of the University on actualization, implementation and monitoring of implementation of the strategic development plan of A.Baitursynov KSU taking into account the priorities of the university activities; Read more

Coordination of the issues of participation of KSU in the implementation of training programs for National Industrial Innovation Development; - training and university participation in national and international rankings, accreditation procedures; Development and improvement of the rating system of academic and administrative staff of the university,  and departments of the University to ensure the quality of the educational process.


Olga Salykova

Project Member

Head of Software Department. Perspective and current planning, organization of the Department. Planning, organization and control of educational work of the Department. Fulfillment of the requirements of the state educational standard of higher professional education in the disciplines of the Department. Read more

Lecturing on Mechatronics, Process Automation, Geoinformation Systems. Head of the Research Project financed by Ministry of Education and Science: The set of studies on quality assurance of mechanical engineering  production and development of the documentary system to improve the production efficiency.


Olga Bizhanova

Project Member

Lecturer at the Department of Software. Syllabi development, lecturing in programming, software development, implementation in production. Research interests: Flash Technologies


Project Member

Senior lecturer at the Department of Software. Syllabi development, teaching such disciplines as the programming technology,   Web-design, programming in Java, system programming.  Management of students IT projects in the domain of Web developing.   Read more

Researching technology of development of electronic educational resources. Head of the expert commission on electronic educational editions.


Saule Zhabyeva

Project Member

Head of Foreign Philology Department. Management of the Department which trains students in two specialities (Bachelor Degree): Foreign Philology (English); Translation Studies (English-Russian-Kazakh); Post-graduate (Master’s) in Foreign Philology, Doctorate degree in Foreign Philology. Read more

Academic coordinator of project 574157-EPP-1-2016-1-IE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP Developing Trans-Regional Information Literacy for Lifelong learning and the Knowledge Economy. Teaching and Research interests: Theory of Translation; Theory and Practice of Intercultural Communication.


Nurlan Medetov

Project Member

Syllabi development, lecturing in nanotechnology in electronics (BA,MA),  research advisor of scientific research of Natural Sciences, a member of the academic board and rectorate of the university, and of scientific technical board of Kostanay region administration. Read more

Management and Monitoring of science and professional development in the IT. Expert of the Independent Kazakh Agency for Quality Assurance in Education, foundation commercialization of the technology. Head of the scientific project on grant financed by Ministry of Education and Science for 2018-2020: “Development of an informational automated system for  input data processing, obtained in the analysis of ore minerals complementary methods of complex X-ray-graphical research, and its implementation in the form of software”