Consortium – ENU

Aims and activities of the organisation

L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University is the only young university from CIS countries that entered the QS Top 50 Under 50. ENU offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in: Engineering, Natural Sciences, Art & Humanities Social Sciences Physical Sciences at 13 faculties. The total number of students supersedes 16,000. ENU is one of the leading Kazakhstani universities by the number of state education scholarship holders (72% of the total number of students), the owners of national honor sign “Altynbelgi” and winners of the international and republican Olympiads. ENU offers 25 double diploma programs in the areas of international relations, construction, philology, pedagogy, psychology and physics with top universities, including Moscow State University, People’s Friendship University of Russia, Shanghai University, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, etc. Language of education is Kazakh, Russian and English.  Read more

The research and education activities are implemented by highly qualified faculty staff: more than 60% are members of the research and sectoral academies, Doctors and Candidates of Science, Professors, Associate Professors, PhDs, and holders of honored prizes. More than 50% of the faculty are alumni of prestigious world universities. The Department of Computational Linguistics published by 150 scientific publications, including journals rating 50 Thomson Reuters, Scopus' 60 and in the materials of international conferences of 100, while the other local publications.

A master's degree in Computational linguistics typically qualifies graduates for industry or research careers. In ENU in Department of Computer science and Information security we have A.Sharipbay professors scientific school in Computational linguistics. In this field are prepared 6 PhD and more than 40 masters. 

The role of ENU in the CLASS project

  • Developing action plan
  • Task distribution among the local project team
  • Analyzes the content of EU master program
  • Purchasing equipment for administrative and teaching issues
  • Developing and approving the master program curriculum
  • Teaching and instructing CA academic staff in syntactic, morphological and semantic structure of the English language
  • 5 academic staff participation in training on teaching CL with blended learning technology
  • 5 academic staff participation in training on development methodologies for NLP tools
  • Developing syllabuses and content materials of the course distributed equally among the Kazakh partners
  • Developing Open online courses
  • Developing NLP tools
  • Developing e‐books and methodological books on CL distributed equally among the Kazakh partners
  • Reporting to SC
  • Creating video rollers
  • Organizing student enrollment procedure
  • Introducing developed master program to other HEIs

Operational capacity: Skills and expertise of key staff involved in the project


Altynbek Sharipbay

ENU Team Coordinator

Altynbek SHARIPBAY is proposed a Coordinator in this Project from Eurasian National University. In 1975-1981 years he was Trainee-researcher and postgraduate student of Moscow State University; Read more

1981-1992 years working Assistant, Associate Professor, Head of Department at Kazakh State University, 1992 -1997 years was the Head of the laboratory of the Institute of Informatics and Management  of Science Academy the Republic of Kazakhstan; 1997-1998 years was the Head of department at Kazakh State Academy of Management; 1998-2000 years was Director of Centre of  Information Technology; since 2000 year to the present - Head of Department Computer Science, Professor and, Director of Scientific Institute of Artificial Intelligence at ENU. In last years he has lectured to undergraduates and doctoral students the following elective courses: "Theory of Languages and Automata"; "Speech Technology"; "Languages for representation knowledges"; "Ontological modeling of subject domains"; "Application of fuzzy logic in computational linguistics", and prepared 5 doctors of sciences, 8 candidates of sciences, 6 PhD and more 30 masters.  

Baubek Shomzhurek

Project Member

Rozamgul Niyazova

Steering Committee Member

Kakim Sagindykov

Project Member

Gulmira Bekmanova

Project Member


Saule Kudubayeva

Project Member

Bibigul Razakhova

Project Member

Bibigul RAZAKHOVA, Candidate of technical sciences, associate professor at the Department of Computer Science and Information Security, Faculty of Information Technology. Read more

In 2009 she defended her thesis “Automation of the analysis and synthesis of word-combinations and sentences of the Kazakh language”. She reads the following courses: Application of  Computational Linguistics, Formalization of syntax rules, Formalization of morphological rules, Semantic analysis of texts, Languages of  knowledge representation, Logical programming, Functional programming, Natural language processing, etc.  Under her leadership defended following Master thesis of direction of  Computational Linguistics: “Automatization of punctuation in sentences”, “Development of systems of representation and processing of knowledge”, Web-representation   of semantic model of sentences of the Kazakh language,  Automation of  the synthesis of sentences of the Kazakh language, etc. 

Assel Omarbekova

Project Member

Zhanat Saukhanova

Project Member

Rakhila Turebayeva

Project Member

Yessil Khassenov

Project Member


Gulnar Biyakhmetova

Project Member