Consortium – AMU

Aims and activities of the organisation

Adam Mickiewicz University was founded in 1919. Today it has over 40,000 regular students including 1300 doctoral students. Its staff counts over 5000 people, including over 800 professors, 1400 assistant professors, 730 assistants and academic teachers. AMU awards the following degrees: licencjat (three-year), equivalent to the BS/BA degree, following by magister  (two-years) equivalent to a MSc/MA; doctorates (PhD) and habilitations.

AMU includes the following faculties: Biology, Chemistry, Educational Studies, Education and Fine Arts, English Studies, Geographical and Geological Science, History, Law and Administration, Mathematics and Computer Science, Modern Languages and Literatures, Physics, Polish and Classical Philology, Political Science and Journalism, Social Sciences, Theology and  School of Sports. UAM conducts Turkish languages studies and research.Read more

Computational linguistics at AMU started with the pioneer works in axiomatic phonology and automatization of phonemic transcription of orthographic texts (early 1970s). A decade later the research in computational linguistics resulted with the first implementations of language understanding system for Polish (around 1985). The first research laboratory in computational linguistics was inaugurated in 1993 at the Dept. of Computer Linguistics and AI (DCLAI) at the Fac. of Mathematics. In 1995, the AMU hosted the Awareness Days in Language and Technology (co-organised with the European Commission), now recognized as the first conference of  Language and Technology series (LTC). At about that time research activities in computational linguistics emerged in other AMU units, starting with speech processing at the Institute of Linguistics, corpus linguistics at the School of English and (later) machine translation at the Fac. of Mathematics and Computer Science.

The DCLAI carries now projects in various fields of computational linguistics and language engineering, hosts grants and forms PhD students as well post-doctoral fellows. It is a member of META-NET, a Network of Excellence fostering technological foundations of a multilingual European information society.

The role of AMU in the CLASS project

  • Developing action plan
  • Task distribution among the local project team
  • Analyzing the content of international master programs on Computational Linguistics
  • Developing, monitoring and approving the master program curriculum
  • Responsible for developing the curriculum content materials with UrSU, KSU and NUUz
  • Supervising the open online course development and application of blended learning program
  • Training the CA academic staff on methodologies and strategies for developing NLP tools
  • Consultingon the development of NLP tools in CA partners
  • Management and monitoring of WP3 activities

Operational capacity: Skills and expertise of key staff involved in the project


Zygmunt Vetulani

AMU Team Coordinator

ll professor. His actual work is focused on formats and language resources for Polish language engineering, formal grammars, computer modelling of language competence for robots, multiagent systems with emulated language competence. Read more

Developer of the Polish electronic dictionary POLEX (over 100.000 entries). Head of the long-term, running lexical ontology project “PolNet – Polsh Wordnet”. An author of over 100 publications (6 books) in computational linguistics, language engineering, artificial intelligence and mathematical logic. Since 1995 the chair of bi-annual international Language & Technology Conferences (1995,2005,2007,2009, 2011, 2013, 2015) (www.ltc.amu.edu.pl). Participation in project evaluation and project reviewing activities under contracts with the European Commission ( several times during 1994-2006). Contact person to META-NET (http://www.meta-net.eu/members) 

Grazyna Vetulani

Project Member

Born in 1956 at Bydgoszcz, Poland. She studied Romance Philology (M.A., 1979) at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland (AMU) and she received PhD in linguistics at Adam Mickiewicz University (1988). In 2000 she obtained  her post-doctoral degree (pol. doktor habilitowany) from the same university. Head of department of Romance Linguistics and Comparative Studies since 2000 until now. Full professor. Read more

 Main research interests and publications: French linguistics, comparative studies (Polish-French), logical and formal aspects of language (natural language quantification), computer linguistics (computer-oriented morphology of Polish, predicative nouns in Polish). She is an author of research papers and books in comparative and French linguistics. She participated in national and European research projects as main executor or project manager.

Prof. dr hab. Grażyna Vetulani Kierownik Zakładu Językoznawstwa Romańskiego i Badań Kontrastywnych Instytut Filologii Romańskiej UAM Al. Niepodległości 4 61-874 Poznań, Poland +48 601165676

Gulayhan Aqtay

Project Member

She is the founder of teaching Kazakh in Poland. In 2007 she defended her doctoral dissertation “Eliyahu b. Yosef Qilci’s mejuma. Critical edition of the Crimean Karaim manuscript with introduction, notes, comments and indexes.” She reads the following courses to undergraduate and MA students: Practical Kazakh, all levels; Kazakh grammar; Spacial Kazakh; Culture of Central Asia; and Society of Central Asia. Read more

She is the co-author of two dictionaries and three textbooks. Recently, she participated in two research projects, (1) Karaim–English Dictionary, Crimean Dialect, 2007–2010, the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, no NN 104 4085 33, and (2) Critical edition of the Karaim Bible with translation into English 2013–2017, the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, no 11H 12 0312 81.