AMU Training Days, May 19-28

AMU training days took place on May 19-28 in Poznan, Poland under the supervision of Prof. Zygmunt Vetulani. The meeting’s main objective was to train CA academic staff on methodologies and strategies for developing NLP tools. In particular, the training involved elements of speech and text processing; lexicon databases; logic programming based NLP; machine translation methods; eHumanities and advanced systems using NLP technologies. The seminar discussions on the other hand, focused on identification of the state-of-the-art in language technologies for the Kazakh and Uzbek languages along with the needs in the area of language resources and NLP/LE tools.

The program consisted of lectures with classroom practical exercises; seminars; brainstorming activities; individual and collective work and other events such as the LTC2019 Conference on May 19 as well as organized visits to the Poznan Supercomputing Center, the Poznan Science and Technology Park. Over thirty people attended the training from all CA institutions involved in CLASS. Belinda Maia from U-Porto was also invited along with Sanatbek Matlatipov from NUUz who also visited the training and participated in the LTC2019 Conference. In fact, his paper entitled “Deep Learning vs Classical Models on a New Uzbek Sentiment Analysis Dataset,” co-authored with Elmurod Kuriyozov (student), Miguel G. Alonzo and Carlos Gomez-Rodriguez was awarded the “Best Student Paper” award.